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Offering reliability, speed and quality, Sanbor Medical has been a leader in the contract manufacturing market for over twenty-five years, specializing exclusively in medical devices. Our expert team can manage any technical scope, and you’ll find peace of mind with our depth of experience in risk and regulation management. With our exclusive focus on medical device manufacturing, you can lower lead time without compromising product quality.  A partnership with Sanbor Medical will help you:

  • Reduce lead time by using Sanbor Medical’s global resources to meet your needs, ensuring efficient timelines
  • Consolidate multiple vendors into one manufacturer to reduce costs and pains
  • Meet low and high volume contracts utilizing our global supply chain resources

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Sanbor Medical has been making our proprietary device for years with absolutely no quality or delivery issues. We strongly recommend them.

Mike S., President, Virtec Enterprises


5050 Tilghman St. Suite 410

Allentown, PA 18104