Why Sanbor


Case Studies

Rapid Launch of New Product

The customer, a privately funded medical device startup, is in late stage design of a new single use disposable surgical product and requires a rapid conversion from design to volume production in order to meet investor deadlines for product release.  The product must be fully assembled in a Cleanroom environment, with First Articles deliverable within 7 weeks of the initial purchase order, and initial production volumes 4 weeks later manufactured in the Cleanroom.


Product Line Transfer for Cost Reduction

A privately held company needed to yield cost reduction on a hand held patient monitor to remain competitive in their market.  The existing Contract Manufacturer of the product, a finger pulse oximeter, was looking to transfer production to an Asian factory in order to help their customer achieve the desired cost savings.


Minimize Tooling Costs to Reduce Capital Investment

The customer, a privately funded startup medical device manufacturer, had limited resources to get their product from the design stage into production.  The product was a set of home use healthcare products that had to be produced in an FDA Registered factory, have an attractive cosmetic look and feel, durably manufactured, and be cost effective.  Sanbor was sought out for our close to market front end service and support tied to our China manufacturing group.  The tooling investment for the 24 individual plastic components was limited to $100,000.