FDA Registered Facilities

We are a proudly U.S. owned and operated company with our headquarters and a full-service manufacturing facility based in Pennsylvania. Utilizing our 30-plus years in business and global resources, we offer additional manufacturing options in lower cost countries.

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We built our first ISO Quality System in 1998 and were certified as meeting ISO 9002 standards in 1999. In 2005, we became TUV Certified having met ISO 13485 standards and became FDA Registered. We are currently UL certified to ISO-13485:2016 standards and our quality system is QSR compliant and fully adheres to the 21 CFR Part 820 regulations. We are rigorously audited by leading global medical device companies on a routine basis.

FDA Registered

Sanbor Medical is a U.S. Corporation with FDA registered contract manufacturing facilities.

ISO Certificate 2026 - US ISO Certificate 2025 - Xiamen


UL Certified

Sanbor Medical is UL Certified to ISO-13485:2016 standards.

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#of FDA Inspected China Facilities 2019-ver2

FDA Field Inspected

Of the 1302 FDA CDRH inspected facilities in China from 1/1/2009-12/31/2019

  • 259 received NAI (no action indicated) results in Compliance: Devices
  • 11 of them were Electronics Contract Manufacturers
  • Sanbor Medical was the only Electronics Contract Manufacturer of the 259 with NAI ( zero non-conformities) that exclusively serves the medical industry.

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