Achieve Cost Benefits with Low or High Volumes

Partner with Sanbor Medical to achieve the cost benefits of global manufacturing without the requirement of high volumes.

Low to High Sized Volumes

Most medical devices are manufactured in low to medium-sized volumes. We’ve built a manufacturing operation that is supported by a low volume global supply chain to help you grow from low volume orders to larger batches.

No Minimum Orders or Revenue Requirements

 In the medical device industry, every project and product is different.  While many contract manufacturers have minimum revenue requirements, we have no minimum order or minimum revenue requirements.

High Mix/Low Volume - No Problem

While many contract manufacturers prefer high volume orders with a small number of parts, we also welcome small and medium volumes.

Low Volume Whether you’re introducing a new product or have an existing complex product with a high part count, Sanbor Medical is here even for low volume orders.
High Volume When your new product takes off or when your established product needs higher volume capabilities know that we serve some of the world’s largest medical device manufacturers.
Materials With Sanbor Medical, your devices are produced close to the source of components reducing material costs.

Smarter Manufacturing Starts Here.

Connect with our team to learn how a Sanbor Medical partnership is the future of medical device contract manufacturing.

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