Cost Reduction At Any Scale

Our global team delivers cost savings when and where you need them.

We reduce your manufacturing costs and capital expenditures across the manufacturing lifecycle.

Your business success depends on production savings. Sanbor Medical maximizes your device manufacturing budget by saving on labor, materials, and manufacturing overhead costs — all without sacrificing the quality your customers expect.

Maximized Production Savings

Achieve savings on labor and materials by manufacturing products in lower-cost environments, or right here in the U.S., with Sanbor Medical’s trusted teams and facilities.

Vertically-Integrated Manufacturing = Cost Savings and Quality Control

Sanbor Medical’s vertically integrated manufacturing gives you control over your manufacturing costs.

Labor The human capital cost of scaling assembly teams can stifle production and reduce the returns on your manufacturing investment. Sanbor Medical provides affordable, quality labor.
Production From plastic molding, cable and PCB assembly, module and subsystem assemblies to finished medical devices, our vertically integrated manufacturing capabilities deliver cost savings and total quality control.
Materials With Sanbor Medical, your devices can be produced close to the source of components reducing material costs. Benefit from our global supply chain experience.

Smarter Manufacturing Starts Here.

Connect with our team to learn how a Sanbor Medical partnership is the future of medical device contract manufacturing.

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