Medical Device Testing, Programming & Validation

Bring together our testing, programming and validation to end up with a turnkey device.

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Sanbor Medical offers a full range of medical device testing and programming capabilities to help our customers delight their users and succeed long-term.

Programming Capabilities

We supply fully functional medical devices and customize medical devices for customers around the world.

Full Functional Testing & Validation

We perform full functional medical device testing and/or calibration in the final stage of production to deliver high quality medical devices that adhere to stringent regulatory compliance standards.

Testing Our in-process medical device testing and full functional testing operations help our customers meet their end users’ high standards for device quality and longevity.
Programming We have years of experience programming customer’s software into their devices to customize products for specific needs and markets.
Validation Sanbor Medical is uniquely positioned to help our customers succeed through validation because we follow the FDA’s very complex and costly process and have passed a rigorous FDA audit.

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