Facilities Built For True Manufacturing Value

Our global manufacturing footprint allows OEMs the opportunity to save significant time and resources.

Quality Assured. Fully Integrated. Expertly Managed.

Sanbor Medical has achieved the best of both worlds — we conduct customer service, finance and project management in our U. S. Headquarters and execute on manufacturing in our Allentown, Pennsylvania facility or overseas. The choice is yours.

Dedicated US Oversight Proudly based in Allentown, PA, our business’s strategic core focuses on customer success, project management, finance and global supply chain management.
Trusted Overseas & U.S. Production As a global company, in addition to offering manufacturing in the U.S. (Pennsylvania) and Malaysia, our ISO13485:2016 certified, FDA registered and QSR compliant manufacturing facility in Xiamen, China is also designed to save on production costs, maintain tight component vendor relationships and deliver consistent, quality devices to our customers.
Designed For Cost Savings With lower cost environments and savings on labor, materials and manufacturing overhead costs, we bring unprecedented value to manufacturing - and pass those savings on to our customers.

Smarter Manufacturing Starts Here.

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