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Turn to a dedicated, specialized partner to reduce costs and maximize quality for your medical device manufacturing.

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Medical device manufacturing comes with unique challenges. Sanbor Medical brings 3 decades of industry experience to every partnership, allowing us to see and overcome the obstacles that cost you time and money.

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Our targeted focus on medical device manufacturing gives you unmatched, industry-specific solutions.

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A Legacy Of Trust and Reliability

We forge lasting, consistent relationships that stand for an average of more than 10 years — even with some of the world’s top medical device companies.

Why Partner With Sanbor Medical?
Finished Medical Devices We manufacture Class I and Class II finished medical devices as well as subsystem assemblies.
Pencil-Sized to Dishwasher-Sized We can produce Class I and Class II medical devices in sizes ranging from a pencil to a dishwasher.
Subsystem Assemblies We manufacture Class I, II and III subassemblies along with Class I and II finished medical devices.

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