Packaging and Labeling Matter

Retailers, healthcare providers and end users alike opt for well-packaged, cohesive medical devices.

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Final Labeling and Full Retail Packaging

With medical device packaging and labeling done onsite, no post production handling is required by our customers. We can ship directly to your end customers.

Your high quality design and instructions. Our production expertise.

We source medical device packaging and labeling materials and work with a local lab to follow international standards for vibration and drop testing of orders before shipping goods upon request.

A robust Device History Record

We know how important the DHR is. We take pride in following ISO 13485: 2016 and FDA regulation 21 CFR part 820 exactly to ensure all labeling meets regulatory compliance.

Customized All packaging and labeling is customized to our customers' needs and requests.
Seamless Take products across the finish line and to your customers by unifying production with packaging and labeling.

Smarter Manufacturing Starts Here.

Connect with our team to learn how a Sanbor Medical partnership is the future of medical device contract manufacturing.

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