June 17, 2022

Advantages of Consolidating Vendors to a Single-Source Contract Manufacturer

There are many outsourcing options available to medical device manufacturers. The ready availability of engineering, production, and regulatory compliance review services can present challenges when developing an effective outsourcing strategy.

Using multiple medical contract manufacturing service providers brings its own set of difficulties. Working with multiple contractors typically increases costs, extends and delays timelines, results in lower final product quality, and creates increased workload and stress on internal development teams.

However, outsourcing medical device manufacturing presents many advantages, including specialized expertise and partnerships with established service providers. Outsourcing development, engineering, manufacturing, and regulatory review services to a single-source contract manufacturer provides the best possible value and long-term benefits.

The Benefits of Working With an All-Inclusive Contract Manufacturer

Unifying the various aspects of the medical device manufacturing process brings many benefits over working with different contractors or service providers. A single-source medical contract manufacturing service provider offers highly specialized and integrated teams adept at every aspect of medical device production and distribution.

Consolidating services under one roof provides tremendous value at every stage of medical device manufacturing and distribution. Working with a vertically integrated contract manufacturer allows for more efficient and less costly production, increased overall quality, thorough and complete documentation and regulatory review, a shortened time-to-market, and streamlined distribution to vendors or end-users.

Working with a single-source medical contract manufacturing partner can save time and money and enable an organization to deliver the highest possible quality medical device to market quickly, efficiently, and profitably.

Smart Manufacturing and Minimized Variability

Working with expert engineers who have specialized training and experience in the medical device field allows for unparalleled quality and consistency. Engineers who work exclusively in medical device manufacturing processes are adept at minimizing variability across equipment and production lines due to years of experience.

Experienced development teams can spot opportunities for streamlining everything from functionality requirements to production processes, leading to cost savings and accelerated timelines. OEM CM consolidation also leads to increased quality and quality control procedures, clear and complete documentation, and a streamlined regulatory process.

Established Supply Chains, Fewer Supplier Audits

An established production team will have existing relationships with suppliers who have been carefully vetted and previously audited. OEM CM consolidation means integrated teams with engineers who will be utilizing these pre-validated materials and pre-made components from approved suppliers.

Eliminating the time and cost of validating new suppliers when outsourcing medical device manufacturing is just one benefit. A single-source medical contract manufacturing services provider has existing relationships with suppliers, which typically results in advantages such as increased access to supply or expedited shipping.

Significant Administration and Management Advantages

Working with a single-source, vertically integrated contract manufacturer typically means one point of contact, significantly reducing the time required to manage multiple vendors and service providers.

A single project manager or development team working with a single medical contract manufacturing partner results in significant time savings along a device’s entire timeline, from conception to production, QA, distribution, and beyond.

Outsourcing medical device manufacturing with a single CM partner also eliminates accountability and liability management issues. An established single-source contract manufacturer means there is no need to determine which supplier needs to be contacted about an issue.

This allows for faster, more effective communication and quicker and more complete resolution of any problems which may arise. This typically leads to shorter manufacturing and production timelines, increased overall product quality, and significant cost savings compared to working with multiple service providers.

Longer Device Lifecycles, Increased Benefits

OEM CM consolidation typically results in a single provider assigning a highly integrated team to work on every stage of a product’s lifecycle, from manufacturing and distribution to ongoing service and support after the medical device has gone to market.

This means the same engineers will be responsible for future improvements or iterations of a product or device line. Their unique familiarity with a specific device allows for improved capabilities in implementing enhancements or alterations as end-user feedback and other data are collected over time.

A single-sourced medical contract manufacturing partner develops specialized knowledge of and information about every aspect of a medical device’s production. This results in a more complete and enhanced documentation process.

Drawing on specific insights and information about a medical device or product line enables improved performance in everything from material and component selection to distribution, logistics, and supply chain issues.

This means a product or product line can be produced with a longer lifecycle in mind, and new models or features can be implemented faster, more effectively, and more affordably.

Sanbor Medical: Over 30 Years of Medical Device Contract Manufacturing Experience

OEM CM consolidation is a highly advantageous strategy, bringing considerable benefits and savings. Working with multiple vendors will always result in increased production timelines, inefficiencies in communication, and increased administration and management time, and it typically results in a poorer quality final product, shorter product lifecycles, and limited support.

Working with multiple service providers may represent initial cost savings, but the disadvantages of decentralization quickly outweigh any benefits. Reducing costs in the short term in this way generally leads to increased costs over the life of a medical device, more complex and lengthy regulatory review, and ultimately significantly increased costs.

Sanbor Medical has been serving the medical device industry for over three decades. We have industry expertise, vertically integrated operations, and exclusive relationships with industry suppliers. This allows us to deliver the highest possible quality medical devices at competitive prices and provide top-tier support at every step of the process.

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