February 28, 2019

Offshore Contract Manufacturing Companies: Two Big Reasons to Work with Sanbor Medical

When determining if you should manufacture your products overseas, it's critical to consider the risks. Along with many benefits, there are numerous challenges, including quality assurance, legal implications, understanding foreign cultures, time zone differences, and maintaining control of your brand. How can you mitigate these risks while taking advantage of all of the benefits of offshore manufacturing? Partner with a trusted contract manufacturing company. Consider two big reasons why Sanbor Medical is the ideal partner for offshore medical device manufacturing.




Work with a U.S. Corporation that has offshore manufacturing but is headquartered in the United States

Working with a U.S. corporation means you have a project manager that is responsible for your product through every step of the manufacturing process. Your project manager acts as a liaison between you and factory personnel, so there are no language barriers or time zone issues. Here are a few more perks of working with a U.S. corporation.

  • High Quality. We maintain U.S. standards for our Manufacturing and Quality System environments. Your customers can rely on the quality of your products. Sanbor Medical built its first ISO Quality System in 1998, became ISO 9002 certified in 1999, and became ISO 13485 certified and FDA registered in 2005. It maintains current certifications and registrations.
  • Security. We understand the value of your intellectual property and have protocols in place to ensure its security.
  • Logistics. Slow delivery time is a major challenge of offshoring. However, Sanbor Medical handles all of your logistics from our Los Angeles, CA warehouse.

Lower Your Costs

Our customers not only benefit from low labor costs, but can experience lower tooling costs as well. Take advantage of our vetted group of local plastics suppliers and raw materials sources in Asia. Customers often find they are able to go from design to hardened steel tooling for little more than they would have paid for soft tooling in the U.S. or Europe. Lastly, our team suggests equivalent components to ensure you are making your product(s) as cost-effectively as possible. 

Bring your vision to life through low-cost offshore manufacturing plus the protections of working with a U.S. corporation. Talk to the team at Sanbor Medical

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