March 26, 2019

Electromechanical Products: From Prototype to Full Scale Production

You've been checking off those boxes one by one. Research & Development: Check.

No one has made this product before, and you're excited to help make the world of medtech a little better for both patients and health care providers. The numbers have been crunched and you are ready to go to launch. Just a few more checkboxes remain.

We're here to help you check the rest of those boxes off by offering our expertise and experience to help you bring your new medical device to market.


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Once you decide to partner with us, we assign you to one of our skilled Project Managers who will immediately begin working on your personalized project plan. Our engineering team will review your drawings and documents in detail to ensure they are complete and ready to go.  A timeline will be created and we will then begin the process of securing the tooling (if required) and materials for your project. Advancing only with your satisfaction, we will start producing your first articles for approval.

First Article Approval

First article approval is a process that helps us ensure the production processes described are accurate for full scale production. If anything needs to be addressed and/or adjusted, we will walk you through the entire process in preparation for the next stage: Pilot Production Run. 

This is where your idea truly comes alive. You are just one step away from launching your revolutionary product. 

Every Detail, Handled

We handle the details while you focus your efforts on other areas of your launch. This will be a remarkable event and you want everything to go just right. After a successful pilot run, when you're ready, we will help you ramp up to full scale production, growing as needed. Every step of the way, we will be there for you, celebrating your success.

If you have a product you're considering bringing to life, or just want more information, feel free to contact us for a consultation today!

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